Dear Readers,

I’m preparing to launch an espionage Cold War thriller I feel captures the tension of an era when the talk of World War III was foremost in the minds of the general public.

Please let me know if you feel this would be of interest to you.  I’m considering a release date of 12/1/15.  Thank you.



PERM, Russia, 1990. One year since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, entrepreneurs are reaping unrestricted financial rewards from manufacturing, natural resources, and biological engineering.

Omega-Tech has firmly staked a position in this new post-Communist market, vaulting itself into the forefront by producing medicine, vaccines, and a state of the art research and development facility. It’s president, Karl Vlodstik, one of the Soviet Union’s most recent multi-millionaires, is the driving force behind his company.

Omega-Tech accidently develops a new lethal viral agent code named P-virus, transferred to the host via an uncommon method.  If untreated without the antibody, a slow self consuming death occurs within two weeks.

Miska, a young scientist working at Omega-Tech, suffers the loss of his friend Peter, a research scientist, who he discovers was intentionally exposed to the virus. Peter’s death is listed as pneumonia to save the company from losing vital financial resources.

Miska and Alena, who work closely with Mr. Vlodstik, uncover Omega-Tech’s release date for the virus, and soon realize that the toxin is not the ultimate weapon.


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